Monument No 1

Concentrating Collective Power

Medium: Sculpture
Materials: Stainless steel, concrete pedestal. 
Dimensions: H 170cm x W 23cm x D 23cm

Monument No. 1

Monument No. 1

It is reminiscent of obelisks or totem poles, but it is neither. As a new internationalist monument, this solid sculpture is a centerpiece and symbol around which people gather, defining a place for contemplation and encounters. Contrary to many other monuments—this work does not impose power from above but rather concentrates collective power from its surroundings.

Having a sheltering roof over one's head has something to do with the above-mentioned feeling of being housed' while "being in the world.' Human beings are essentially dwellers, and their relationship to the world-as-a-whole is that of residents. The equation of the world with a house is transmitted through this sculptural work. The house and, more specifically, the pitched roof is an international archetype used in all cultures worldwide. But in the context of this work or monument, the pitched roof archetype engages in a poetic dialogue with the surrounding vernacular architecture and landscape.

Currently on show at Hof van Cleve in Belgium, where a series of new and previous works are combined in a carefully curated solo exhibition.

Realized in collaboration with Kris Martin, Isa Cossement, and Floris van der Veken.

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