Beacons across Egypt

Location: Egypt
Year: 2021
Program: Research / Photography / Reportage



The contrasting realities of life and death are etched in Egypt’s topography and iterated in the dualities that informed the ancient ideology—divine and mortal, fertile and barren, order and chaos. Egyptian Culture at its best was characterized by its dedication to maintaining an equilibrium of those dualities and the continuity this implied. Survival depended on close observation of nature’s manifest order, with all its pros and cons. To the ancient Egyptian, the desert was a vast and tangible memento mori whose presence instilled the awareness of vulnerability that is a requisite for real strength. In more ways than one, they were way ahead of us.

This series of 'Beacons' captures this equilibrium between nature, people and their creations as it is today.

(Reference: Grave Matters by Maria Golia, Cabinet Magazine Issue 35, Dust)

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